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The Osur Team & Living New York are committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  The Osur Team will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. The Osur Team will allow any reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification based upon a disability-related need. The person requesting any reasonable modification may be responsible for the related expenses.


Let me sing the praises of Evan Osur!! There have been several instances where he has gone above and beyond his job description. 

As a realtor he sticks to the budget, only shows you what checks the most boxes on your wish list, and he negotiates the crap out of a lease on your behalf. My roommates and I have an apartment that we feel so lucky to have thanks to what Evan was able to negotiate for us. 

Evan has the patience and understanding of a saint. My roommates and I were picky. He never made us feel like what we wanted and what were looking for was out of reach or impossible. He also walked each of us through each clause on our lease before we signed and broke it down in laymen's terms.

Above and beyond the call of duty, even though Evan was no longer our realtor, he has been our go-to guy to help us with communication with our management company when  management was out of touch. When our heating stopped working one night in the winter and we couldn't get in touch with anyone, I contacted Evan. Within the hour thanks to his efficiency and help, we were in touch with someone from management to get it fixed. With the renewal of our lease, Evan was the one who made sure the terms from our original lease were carried over and that walked us through the changes before we re-signed. He even called contacted us to follow up and make sure we were okay and things were resolved later!

He's accountable, trustworthy, and didn't blow us off when we needed help (even though he totally could have because we were no longer paying for his services). Someone who does all that is a man of integrity and has a heart of GOLD. We're lucky to have Evan Osur and you would be, too.

- Holly W.

This is the second time I've actually signed a lease with Living, just by happenstance! I recognized the office the second I entered to sign the paperwork. Just like the first time, everyone was extremely nice and helpful and very fast workers! I worked with Evan Osur and another gentleman named Adam and they were everything I wanted in a broker! Normal, non-pushy,

Straight forward, honest, quick, and efficient.


We did a open house visit on a Saturday, liked the place, asked if we could take it off the market that same day and we did and got approved by Wednesday! It was a super easy process with a super easy approval and I'm very grateful for it because apartment searching in NYC can be one of the most stressful things ever. Evan and Adam, and Living New York, thanks a million!! My brother and I love our place! 

- Devin C.

My roommate and I had been planning for over a year a move to THE CITY. After many months of research, we knew what we wanted, what we needed, and what we could afford. Living more than 1,000 miles away, my roommate flew in for a few days to see what Manhattan could offer us! She got off the plane around 3:30p, took the subway to the first apartment on our list, and by 5:30p, Adam was opening the door to the fantastic apartment where we now happily live. Adam waited with patience while my roommate took pictures and measurements and relayed it all to me. He quickly and kindly answered all of our questions, and trust me, there were a lot. 

The next afternoon, my roommate met with Evan at their office. As is typical with rental agreements, there was so much paperwork to complete, but he allowed her to use his office and computer while collecting everything that was needed (New York requires SO much). It took a few hours, but we finally got it all worked out. 

An anxiety-filled day and a half later, my roommate tells me that we got approved! Full disclosure, she totally started tearing up. All of our research and planning had finally resulted in us being one step closer to being New Yorkers.

We couldn't believe how friendly and personable these guys were!


They're a big part of the story we can now tell about finding our awesome place. The intense and stressful event of moving across the country was made unbelievably easier by Adam and Evan helping us get the perfect apartment.

- Megan P.

As anyone in NYC knows, buying an apartment can be a very hard and over whelming process -especially for first time buyers like us. The process for buying an apartment for us was just that.


Thankfully we had Evan Osur and the team at Living NY to help us through this process and ultimately make us very happy that we bought an apartment.


We hit a lot of obstacles on the way and the deal at one point was pretty much dead, but Evan and his team at Living NY refused to let it fall apart and ultimately got us to a closing and completed the deal. Evan was patient with the seller's broker and lawyer and worked hard to make sure our deal got done and i AM confident he will do the same for you.


- Jeremy B.


As I sit in my new apartment that Evan Osur found for me, what most comes to me is a sense of gratitude, relief and an overall feeling of "This is just the place I was looking for." As many other folks have written here, Evan and his Team are just exactly the type of people you hope to come across during what can be an unnerving, daunting and general uneasiness of apartment hunting in NYC. I asked a million questions - about the neighborhood, the building, the neighbors, the realty company, the super ... the list went on and on. I told him my situation -- not just financially -- but what I was looking to for in this next chapter of my life and how important my new apartment would be in the context of that, and he listened and cared. He took the information I gave him and used it to help me. He was never annoyed and always open and responsive. Evan has the interpersonal skills of what you'd want in a therapist, and the knowledge and acumen you'd hope to find in a badass broker.

- Megan M.

had the luxury of a non-deadline lease with my former landlord, and thus spent a more than a few months on-and-off searching for my new/current place in BK Heights. After much nebulous criteria, going from preferences ranging from the upper west, to upper east, to midtown and below, I realized I loved brooklyn and wanted to stay. 

My broker, Evan Osur, had been my go-to broker for those summer-to-winter months, and happened to know the Manhattan area better by a margin, but after I took a hard left with my decision to stay in BK, he quickly scanned and got great grasp of the areas that would fit my criteria (not an easy feat), and within a week and a half, found me the most perfect place that I now occupy. 

He's attentive, persistent, and absolutely wants to find you the place YOU want. I've worked with several brokers in the past and Mr. Osur is someone who treats you as a friend who wants to see you happy rather than someone working on a proverbial time clock for your money.

- Adam C.


I highly recommend Adam and Evan.  Adam was completely forthright when it came to information regarding a particular unit/building and he really listened to what my preferences were in regards to apartment criteria. 


Evan always followed up immediately and his attention to detail was impeccable.  I cannot recommend these gentlemen highly enough!

- Wendy M.